Defiant Sails: Mythology API

Hello, you are currently visiting team Defiant Sails' entry for the second Python Discord code jam (July 2018)!

Our entry consists of a compliant OAuth2 authentication scheme, an API to generate random myths from existing Greek and Hindu mythologies (with TTS, music and visualizations!), and a REST-API Arena Battle game!

The root endpoint for the API is /api/.

API Console

After the code jam ended, we developed an API Console to make it more convenient to test out our endpoints.

API Documentation

The different endpoints and the Authentication procedure are documented on the GitLab Wiki.

Source Code

The source code for this entry is available on GitLab. It is licensed under the permissive MIT License.


This entry was developed by the 3 members of the Defiant Sails team: Momo, WrongEnd, and SharpBit.

The code jam lasted 7 days, and we were ultimately declared the champions in a tight race to the top!

Congratulations to all the other teams that participated in the jam.